The question that has bedevilled Gravel Enthusiasts for the last few years is how to curate the much coveted ‘Gravel Look’ on their bicycles when constrained by the Urban Built Environment. True gravel exists for approximately 0.2% of the worlds population. Nearly everything else is ‘trail’. So, how does the discerning gravel rider ensure that they’re going to steal the show at the post-ride coffee shop?

A gravel rider deep in contemplation

The manufacturers press release gives more details. “Grav-on – our proprietary blend of off road elements that make you look like you have literally just conquered them. 

Liberally spray ‘Grav-on’ over a clean bike, ride to your nearest park cafe and look like you’ve spent the morning showing the toughest mildly undulating terrain who’s boss. Included are special brushes in a range of sizes for plastering your handlebar bag(s). ORDER NOW and get a Grav-on personal spray to cover your own self in dust which also includes a suggestive whiff of fox poo”

For a limited time, using the code ‘SOTP:GOON’ will also get you a COMPLIMENTARY kick in the genitals